Hello and welcome. I am Dioni L. Wise.

I'm just trying to live up to my last name.

Get to know me

Hello. My name is Dioni L. Wise. I work at the 2013 Content Marketing Agency of the Year and just received my master’s in Interactive Media from Elon University. I love telling stories. I have extensive experience in writing and reporting, and am learning new ways to communicate across new platforms every day. With a pen, a pad, an iPhone and growing bag of gadgets, I am eager to take on new roles as a content creator and digital media strategist
  • Writing


    Words are my friends. I report. I blog. Several years in newsrooms helped me hone my writing skills.

  • Strategy


    Need a better brand identity? Want an active Facebook page? I help clients figure out their goals and devise a plan to achieve them.

  • Leadership


    I help lead teams to success by organizing information and supporting each member.

  • Management


    I see the big picture, but I’m also detail-oriented. It’s all in the details.

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